setLocation() problems...

setLocation() in 2.28 keeps raising the error ‘expected 3 float arguments’, even with the example code from the new python documentation in the cvs. Is this a bug or am I daft?

import Blender
  scene = Blender.Scene.getCurrent ()   # get the current scene
  ob = Blender.Object.New ('Camera')    # make camera object
  cam = Blender.Camera.New ('ortho')    # make ortho camera data object (cam)                         # link camera data with the object (ob)                       # link the object into the scene
  ob.setLocation (0.0, -5.0, 1.0)       # position the object in the scene

  Blender.Redraw()                      # redraw the scene to show the updates.

The above is the example from the cvs…

Sorry, just noticed the post further down - it is indeed a bug.