setOrientation (100 kb)

My script, enjoi.

hmm… didn’t quite work, if it supposed to do anything. some explanation please?

Yeah explanation please :slight_smile:

Rotate the object then hit P for play. The orientation is always reset to the numbers. Left click and right click reorient the object.
Thanks Pacman. Beware of ghosts.

For those of you interested, a very decent document with example scripts and other goodies. All created by the CLUB SILO programmer, herman::tul…something.

Awesome, thanks Social. Talk about well documented.

                                              If only teachers used the BGE to teach math. Imagine the possibilities.
                                        Oh yeah, I am a teacher and I am using Blender to teach Edge/Vert/Face/Measurement as well as graphics in an elementary school. Right now my kids from 4th to 7th grade are finishing a gingerbread man tutorial. Thought you'd like to know.