setOverlayScene distorted. Intriguing!!

Hi guys

I’m intrigued by one question. I created a small application that uses two scenes. The first scene, called _MAQUETE contains the model and the other (the second scene) contains the buttons that control the camera from the first scene.

Please gentlemen, tell me: Why the blessed _MASCARA scene is distorted in the executable?


The file was saved in version 2.57. tanx.

In Blender it right, even pressing “P”.

Aplicattion running with the button flattened, distorted:

i’m guessing that the executable is a different resolution to the camera you are using to preview

As far as I know the ratio of the cameras of all active scenes must match.

I agree. But the mysterious attachment proves otherwise.

I had to open it in version 2.49b (normal running) and now I’m fixing the code for this version.

I could not solve in Blender 2.58a. Sorry.

That’s it! Thanks Monster!

How HG1 said in the post indicated by Monster, is a bug in Blender 2.5x.

Solution: I created a scene from the “full copy” of the scene _MAQUETE generating _MAQUETE.001. Just deleted all the objects of the new scene.
Then I opened the scene _MASCARA and copied all the objects to the new scene via CTRL + L.

I deleted the scene _MASCARA and renamed the new scene (_MAQUETE.001) to _MASCARA.

Thanx for all.