Sets of scripts and basic setups for quick starts?

I am no where near a newb when jumping into the GE but alot of been flipped abouts and alot has not.

May I ask if there is a small collection of Best scripts and small objects, example Crates, mouse navigation and what not.

Not bigg stuff like huge levels or perfect cars. Just simple Oooo and aww stuff that helps get the game tets going with out starting from scratch.

FYI I have yet to find a working Mouse look around script that works with OSX


yea, every game engine always has a site or 2 full of scripts and stuff,
Right now for some reason I can think of one :confused:

Look up the names:
Stella or Malvo

those are the main Script Gurus around here that i know about…

Here is a cool site for some scripting stuff too

I am about to start scripting more, and would like to start downloading more scripts to study and hack.

Erwin’s blender demos also has a few things too. You could also look at Snail’s graphics demos on how to set up various GLSL shaders.

As for models, Dim has made a few packs with diffrent objects in, but if you ask what kind of models/objects your wanting me or anyone else would happily wip them up for you.

Nan I dont really need any finished models, just say place holder models that have rudentary AI or physics cubes,

“Back in the day” I remeber their only being sphere colision dectection. And exxtra settings where in the materials view. Sorry going on a tangent.
I still hate the way the node setup does not look or act like the new nodes interface.

Im not your nan! :smiley:

Sorry meant to say Nah or “Thank you, thats not really needed, but thank you for the offer” Its such an easy word to hear just not say on line I guess, Weird

lol, i know :smiley: