Setting active camera as view problems with scrolling.

Just wondering whether this is a bug, but whenever i scroll in while in active camera view and click set active camera as view, invariably the camera doesn’t even move. Is there a limit to the algorithm for movement of the camera?

Also, what are the units of measurement in blender?

real sorry if this has been covered before but the search function is too broad on the forum and i can never narrow down hits.

Blender length units are arbitrary and dimensionless - you decide whether a Blender unit represents a kilometer, a micron, an inch, or a cubit. You are limited to 10000 units on any axis, so plan the scale of your model accordingly (eg don’t model the Earth using a meter scale).

Blender rotations are measured in degrees.

I can’t recreate your first problem. Please give more detail.

Let’s say you switch to active camera view. Then using the scroll mouse, zoom further in. Set the active camera to the current view. The camera never dollies forward.

Yes I’ve never understood how Blender decides on the camera distance when you align the view using Ctrl-Alt-0. I always end up manually trucking the camera with G-MMB after aligning.

Yes. To do this you must be in camera view, make sure you have the camera selected. Then hit g (grab) and then the middle mouse button, move teh mouse around to dolly in and out. Left click to end this.