Setting all normals of object facing upwards without python!

Hi! I wanted to ask if it is possible to set all(or part of) normals of an object facing upwards even if face is facing left or right! Maybe there is a way to do it?

if the floor underneath it is facing upwards you could have it align itself to floor normals.

You should define upwards; do you mean the world Z axis, or the normal of the surface?

For the former, you can get a script to set the normal to (0, 0, 1), whilst the latter requires a ray-cast to find the normal of the surface.

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Normals are vectors perpendicular to the surface of each polygon:

Those blue lines are normals.

There’s no way to change that data with logic bricks, or even with python: You could manipulate the mesh with python, which may recalculate the normal data, but, as far as I know, you can’t set normals directly.

You can modify the normals of the object with the KX_VertexProxy interface in Python (normal attribute). You can also, since 2.74, modify the normals with a modifier. It is not currently, nor likely to be, exposed to the logic bricks

Oh, right, it has a normal attribute.