Setting camera to track gus, camera missing gus

I was following the gus gingerbread man tutorial ( when i set the camera and light to track to gus, but they always end up pointing at this little dot behind him - is this the centre of mass. or what, and if so, can i reset it to be back inside gus? i’ve googled for this and searched the forums so if ive missed anything obvious im sorry. Clickable screenshot:-



Yes , just select your object in object mode, go in Edit panel (F9) and hit center new button or center button

w00t! works v. well. Had to un-click subsurf then re-click it again, but works brill. Thanks.

Mark <-- now just that bit less a newbie

For future reference, this happens if you move your mesh in edit mode because it leaves its centre behind. Make major moves in object mode, partial mesh moves in edit mode.