Setting edges to the same height?

I hand modelled a slanted part of the outer shell of a spaceship:

(Probably the wrong way to do anywhere, but the shapes are soemtimes so complex, I get confused on how to use simple extrude/loop etc methods)

As you can see I also gave it a “thickness” … and now I want this to be even. I tried just moving the lower vertex of each small z-axis edge (the ones of approx. 3 Meters) of the slanted “roof”, but I cant get them to be exactly “x” length. How can I make all of the tiny vertical edges of the slanted roof the same length?


Fastest way would be to delete one of the faces (ngon) and just extrude along normal Z. If you need to keep existing geometry, select the reference face, ctrl+alt+space to make a custom transform orientation (switches to it automatically), select the vertices that need to line up and scale to 0 along face Z with S, Z, Z, 0.

A. P separate poly, delete the rest what’s wrong. Add Solidify to poly, join back.
B. Create custom Transform Coords and scale 0, move to needed amount on which axis that happens to be you need size equal.

Edit: well, 2 and a half ways to skin… i was slow to type…

Edge slide (G+G+1) bottom face and grab (G) for face normal.