setting feet inches

is there anyway to set imperial units to display as feet+inches rather than yards,like 1’6" or 1.5’. thanks

not for the time being!

but i already ask for this feature last week in another thread for next release after bmesh

so don’t expect anything soon

only way would be to add a new addon for a panel showing this

may be i’ll make one if i can find the time

but it’s complicated in terms of precision
cause when you convert let say to some inches fraction like 1/8 1/16 ect
there is always a small conversion error !

happy 2.6

Goto the scene tab, next to the camera tab in the properties panel.

Find the option under units. That is as close as you can get.

don’t see any feet yet

even with seperate units you still get yard and inches !


hi RickyBlender,

[QUOTE]may be i’ll make one if i can find the time

thanks.just a display in feet & in. will do-in transform panel& may be edge length(till it is properly integrated in blender itself)