Setting fullscreen via python without use of 'desktop resolution', is it possible?

I have messing around with bge.render here and some questions are growing up in my mind

My monitor have a resolution of 1650x1080, an aspect ratio of 16:10, and I just hate letterbox, sorry xD

so I had tested in my game to use only specfic resolutions (16:9 and 16:10) plus extended display for avoid letterboxes; and to fix the HUD I just made messages and key animations who will correct the position of the things on screen :wink:

my problem is that for my game, the option to use the desktop resolution need to be disabled, and when I use “setFullScreen”, by default, the engine will set fullscreen mode using the desktop resolution enabled

so, anyone have a suggestion of what I could do? It’s nothing ‘unavoidable’ for me, I still can use a .bat for windowed mode and the main executable for fullscreen, but with this I will lost the option to set fullscreen/windowed in-game, after the BGE started… a dilemma! xD

as always, sorry my terribad english and thanks for the attention!