setting keyframes for buttons or sliders

I am still learning a lot about blender, so far I really like it, it just takes some time and patience. I have one keyframing issue though:

I can set keyframes for motion, rotation and scale, seems pretty straight forward. Where I am really at a loss, is how to set a keyframe for a slider in the “button window”.

For instance, I want to animate text along a path. I can actually get it all set up just fine…and using a slider I can SET the “x offset” to the beginning of the path and to the end. However the keyframes do not take, I have similar problems with array modifier and such, where I can’t seem to set keys for anything in the buttons window (Shift F7).

Any clues how I can do this? should be pretty simple or so it seems…


Go into a ipo window and add Time keys to your curve to animate it the text along the curve. For the array modifier you can animate the object used for offset & curve used for length (or can always apply the modifier and animate them individually).

I am not sure what is more interesting, the fact you can’t animate a slider, or the work around for it. Thanks for the help. - AKB