Setting of Sapling in menu object tools

Hi everyone,

I edited a tree using sapling but when my tree is unselected, i lost my menu settings of sapling on left window.

how to get the settings to modify leaves, branches, … ?
thank you
(happy holidays to everyone)

The settings are only available when you add the object. Do anything else and they are got forever. You can always export your settings and then re add the tree to make any further changes.

ok, thanks, so that mean that i cant continuing my settings (i didnt finished to modify leaves, branches…)
i must to create new tree ? and set it all parameters in the same time ?

and set it all parameters in the same time ?
Not if you do as I suggested and export / import tree settings

ok, so i’ll do it with the export in the file menu, is that the only thing to do ?
i hope that i 'll be able to do what i wanna do, use blender to have great motion camera that i’l insert into my personnal short film :wink:

please, how to make appear my image import as background ? its still grey… i dont know why ? thank you

find it ! that was my clipping camera