setting one mesh as a "model" for another. possible?

well, the story is like that:
I have a few very hight poly models for a game, whiche are made entirely with triangle faces.

it cant get any worst, can it?!

well, I’ve found out about high poly meshes lagging games into deep freeze, and now that I want to animate the models, I’ve found out that triangles are bad for animation.

I tried converting triangles to quads and using poly reduding scripts. but the model I get is hectic and “chipped” looking, and smoothing it doesnt help.

so my question is: is there ANY way to set my existing mesh as a “model”, like a lattice or something, and force a low poly basic mesh or something like that to assume the shape of the original mesh?

thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

i don’t know any official tool. May be the best is to “trace” the models.
Open one model an place the camera in front view, ie, turn of perspective (NUM5) and start modelling another shape following the shape of the model, making sure not to use the evil tris.

Just like modelling tracing a image, but the model itself will be the source of visual information.

The other thing would be remodelling the mesh by closing opening and closing gaps, rejoining vertex, deting rid of poles (have you read the sticky about poles and loops…but if the model is too complex i dont think that it would be advisable.

x-x a painstaking process. but if there is no other choice, its worth it.

edit: though Im nout really good at tracing. I make my models by sculpting basic meshes and joning them.

Read up on retopo.
Retopologise the mesh to give a mesh that is most suitable for animation.
You can bake a normal map which will pick up any high details from your high poly mesh.
You will then have a low poly mesh (for good game framerates) with gold poly flow for animation, as well as keeping your high res detail. The general process for making good detail game models.


Ah the things one learns in forums. That retopo is one of those great tools within Blender that you don t know about until someone tells you. Thank you Mr Richard Markew.

But where can i find some info on creating meshes that are suitable for animation?.

have you read the “poles and loops” sticky? That’s a good place to start.