Setting points on zero X

I have been doing some modeling on one half of a symmetrical model, but I find from time to time that I’ve messed up the center line. Is there a way to select all the points along the center and set them to zero on the X axis?

Mirror modifier has options for that. Check Option “Merge” and “Clipping” and drag center vertex around until it all snaps to place.

You can also set the pivot point the the cursor, assuming the cursor is at the origin, and S X 0

Sorry, I don’t understand.

Is there an option to set selected vertices at a specific XYZ coordinate? I just want to select some verts and set them to 0.

In Edit mode if you select the vertex its coordinate will be displayed under Transform in Properties panel, hot key N. You can inter and change any of the coordinate to zero there.

Thanks Ridix, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Also, the mirror modifier option works pretty well too, but I like knowing how to do it the other way.
I am a long time Lightwave user, and I am used to knowing how to do all these things in Lightwave. I frequently select a group of vertices, copy one axis coordinate of one, then apply that to all, setting them all on a flat plane. Hopefully I can do that in Blender as well.

Could anyone tell me how to merge polygons? I see the Triangles to Quads command, but sometimes I’d like to merge more than triangles.
Sorry, I couldn’t find it in the manual.