Setting points to a value on an axis?

Can you set points to a numeric value on an axis? Not a median value like you get with the n key. I wonder if you can set all points you have selected for example to line up at 0 on the one axis not XYZ like you get with “Selection to center”.

For instance if you have a line of points that are crooked and you want to line them up straight.

And while we are on this subject, suppose I want to do this but also align to a custom transform orientation.


well might not be exactly what you want, but S KEY axis 0 will scale all the verts to line up along the axis, then you can set the median pos to whereever.

aligning to custom transformation is more difficult…

blender really needs a “make planar” function

That’s Perfect!

Another little tidbit from the doc or a tut someplace I forgot, but now vaguely remember. lol!

It also works with a custom transform, so that just made my day!

Thank you.

A little more information in case anyone wants to know.

The way it works is you select a face or set of points and Shift S, chose Cursor to Selection. This puts the cursor to the median center of the selection or face. Now you can use any custom transform orientation you have created or any of the default settings, enter S, the axis you want (twice if it is anything but global) then 0 and it will align the face(s) or points on that axis where the cursor is.

If you want it centered at 0 world of course you can just use, shift c to place the cursor at center.

if you set the widget into face mode you can move the vertex on a plane a any angle too

but need a little practice to do it but i works


Yeah I love that feature. And the fact that you can use it with Scale 0 too.!