Setting pose position to a mesh with shape keys

Hello I’ve come across a very frustrating problem. I have a model rigged and skinned then posed for the hairs position to be tucked under a hat. I told the program to “display modifier in edit mode” and I posed the hair. Then set up set keys. Using a program called CAT’s I am attempting to set up eye tracking to find the modifiers information isn’t saved and resets to the original pose. So I went to find how to change the “pose to “rest pose” (wow that seems to be an endlessly bothersome setting, maybe take it out?) But the process of applying the armature deformation doesn’t work because I’ve created set keys. So did I just waste hours creating set keys?! is there any way to salvage the set keys, not lose my wieghts, all while getting my mesh to it’s posed position?!? buggin hard

Edit: seems I found a solution. For any who run into the same problem for a small portion of posed mesh they need in the rest position… I set the armature in the rest position with select armature->(Pose mode)->{In the 3D View’s tab(under viewport) Select Pose->Apply->Apply pose as rest position. Now to Correct your mesh go to the Object mode select your model, make sure your on the base set key, then go to edit mode to adjust your model to match the pose. This was easy for me with Ctrl+L but with complex meshes posed with set keys but not in the rest position you maybe out of luck.

No images, no blend file, no details of your third party programme (CAT’s) Hence no replies to date.

Sorry to be harsh but you are far more likely to get a reply if you post at least images and preferable a blend file with enough for us to look at o we can help. It seems also that you have answered your own question without marking the thread “Solved”.

Cheers, Clock.

PS. do you mean Shapekeys or “set keys”.