setting position for object addid with add object actuator


I have an object that falls to the floor. When it hits the floor. it uses an actuator to add another object. I want the new object to be added at the same place where the original object started, but it is being added where
the orig obj lands on the floor. Is there anyway to set the starting position
of the new object?

I am just starting out making games with blender, and I read a website
somewhere, that suggested starting out with something simple, like a clone of tetris, and working your way up to more comlex games, learning new aspects of game creation along the way, until you are ready to make your own game.

I have a 3d tetris-like game started. I have only modeled on piece so far, an L shape. When I can get this working, I’ll make the other pieces.

So far, I have the piece floating slowly down to the floor, I can move the piece north, south, east, and west with the asdw keys. I can rotate the piece with the arrow keys. I have set up the logic bricks so that when the piece hits the floor, it stays in that spot, by disconnecting the keys from the object. I have duplicated the object and moved it to a hidden layer, and when the object hits the floor a new object is created next to it, and has the focus of the keys.

I have been searching this forum for quite a while, but haven’t found anything yet. One thing I did find was a .blend tutorial, that noted that the new object would be created at the center of the object that activated it, so I figured that I should have added the “add object activator” to the floor, and tested it for collision, but the center of the floor, is not where I want the object to appear either!

I know I have a lot of other obsticles to overcome, such as adding random pieces, from several different shapes, but I figured I would worry about that when I get this problem solved. I was hoping that my “simple” first attempt at making a game wouldn’t use python, but if that is what’s needed, I would appriciate help on that, too.

Thanks in advance for your help

Create an empty where you want the new pieces to be added, put the add object actuator on that, and connect the logic of the piece to it by selecting the piece and the empty at the same time (shift-right click). Then you can drag a link to it.

A better solution would be to use the message actuaotr/sensor. Instead of addobject actuator, on the piece that hits the floor have it activate a message actuator with just a subject, “newpiece”. Then on the empty have a message sensor:subject=“newpiece” activate the addobjectactuator.

Thanks, Saluk,

I’ve seen that when you have more than one object selected , all of the logic bricks are seen at the same time, but it never dawned on me that you could link from on object to another.

I will try both ways, just to learn, but I think I like the second way better.

Thanks a bunch!!

That works great, thanks again.

I used the second method, btw. It’s opened up a lot of new problems, but I think I can figure them out, if not, I’ll be back :smiley: