Setting preferred defaults? Sphere, Cube, Lattice, etc

To save myself a repeated annoyance, is there a way to set preferred defaults for primitive objects?

EG, I almost always wind up making more Subdivisions for Cubes, and fewer for Spheres, and I can tell that I’m almost certainly going to want at least 3x3x3 subdivisions for Lattices.

Is there a generalized method for setting such defaults? tnx

When it comes to those initial parameters that get called in the left side panel *e.g. UV Sphere subdivisions), whatever settings you used last time in the file get retained. However, things like adding subdivisions to a Lattice are secondary steps (there is no universal reason for this), and will have to be repeated each time you add a new object.

If you want more control, I highly recommend learning the python API. You can create your own custom operator fairly quickly!

LOL, it didn’t even occur to me that there wouldn’t be a ‘subdivisions’ setting to the g.d. Cube. And Plane.

IMO, that’s a very basic and EASY thing that should have been in there for decades.

No doubt someone has coded a “BetterCube” script, but jfc

It’s an understandable thing to be frustrated about. I believe the justification in this case is feature-creep; e.g. “if there should be subdivision settings for the cube, why not bevel settings as well? Why not mirroring options?” is how a developer would probably respond.

This does not mean you are wrong, but that you should channel your frustration into productive action, coding something that works exactly the way you think it should. Then you release a little addon, other people can get mad at you, and the cycle continues. This is pretty much how most open-source development happens!

P.S. a subdivided plane is a grid. Add a grid mesh and you’ll get those options you want.

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