Setting relative path in blender

The title says it all. How? I copy my blender installation to USB driver, created a “temp” folder inside Blender directory. I try to use . emp for temporary folder path, when I test the folder icon next to it, it shows the temp folder under my Blender folder. But when I go to “Auto Save” settings, and click “open recent” button it look in c:. emp. Any workaround for this issue? :rolleyes:

Auto Save’s “Open Recent” will only display recent autosaves. And it will only look in /Blender/temp if you set that folder in User Prefs >> FilePaths >> Temp and did a Ctrl-U to save it as default.


yes i’m aware of that. using open recent button would make blender look fo the last autosave in the folder i set in temp file path.

but no matter what path i use in temp file path it always look in c:. i tried “temp”, “./temp”, “\ emp”, “…/temp”, “…/./temp” etc, none worked.

i made the temp folder inside the blender installation folder.

nevermind, setting the path to \ and running it from usb drive, it saves the autosaves and quit files on my usb drive. But it saves on its root. If there’s any workaround for this,I’ll be glad to know, but this is good enough for now anyawy.

in Blender “//” = “./” in normal operating systems :slight_smile:

yes i’ve notice that. it’s // not \, sorry.