Setting rigged models with different scales into one scene

Hi there!

First off, I am completely new to blender, so this might be a dumb question.

I downloaded two .blend files with rigged character models, whom I want to set into the same scene in order for them to interact. However, one of them was modeled unrealistically large in comparison to the other, so I need to rescale either of them to match the other. I linked/appended one model to the other and tried rescaling them in many ways, but every time the rescaled character seems to become distorted in some way (mostly the mesh in object and pose mode).

Things I have tried:

  • Selecting everything in Object mode and using the Scale tool (S)
  • Applying Scale in Object mode and scaling the whole armature by changing the Scale Factors in the Transform part of the Object properties
  • Rescaling the unit/grid system before linking/appending (Scene Properties)
  • Rescaling the root bone of the rigify model

Am I missing something and perhaps using a generally wrong approach? How does one normally set up a scene with multiple premade (rigged) characters?

Thanks in advance!

Select the One Model+Armature who you want to scale
Then set:
Transform Pivot Point > 3D cursor
and then scale down.
What this does is that all of the selected Objects scaly down as a whole.

Do tell if you want me to elaborate on what to do or if it doesn’t work.

Hey, thank you for the answer! This correctly scales down the rig and mesh in the Edit mode, but the mesh becomes distorted in the Pose+Object Mode. Could this be caused by some kind of constraints/modifiers defined within the model?