setting select status of NURBS cv

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is there a way to set the select status of a NURBS cv?

for Bezier curves, we have the BezTriple object with the “selects” list for each point. but a NURBS point is just a list of 4-5 floats. where is the select status stored?


(jms) #2

A nurbs point should be a bezierpoint too :

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hi jms, thanks for replying.

the problem with CurNurb’s getitem is, it returns a python list of 5 floats if it’s a NURBS cv. there’s no flag attribute named “sel” or “select” (not that i can find …).

in the case of Bezier curves, it works fine, because it returns a BezTriple objects instead of a list. the BezTriple objects has a list called “selects” that stores the select status of each point and its handles.

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Interesting points! It needs to be printed and placed on the wall until you’ll learn them all.