Setting the overall transperancy of an texture

Hi there, first post :slight_smile:

I managed to setup a plane with an texture including alpha information.
Now I want this whole texture to fade in an animation. Whether it´s the object or the texture fading doesn´t matter.

In all transparency related sliders I found I can only effect the alpha Channel of the texture. Not the overall transperancy.

Might be a stupid simple thing, but I can´t find a solution on my own. Google searches also bring up solution for alpha info editing.

btw. I´m using BI, but wouldn´t cry about an answer regarding cycles. May switch the project at some point.

Thanks in advance,

P.S.: Will gladly provide screens and further information if something´s unclear, but I´m confident one of you can help me.

Keyframe the Influence / Alpha setting from 1 to 0

With the material alpha set to zero this means the texture has no influence on that alpha so the whole material has an alpha of zero

Supply your blend with the texture packed into it for specific info

Well thanks for your answer but that´s not quite it…

Here is a picture of the setup how it´s intended. This image is correctly renderd and should fade out.

Playing with your suggested Method it gives me either this:

The plane rendered all Black or this:

Alpha of the texture rendered black.

I don´t think the .blend will be of help since there is nothing else in it than this plane. Can post it anyway in a new post due to 3 files max upload.

Here´s the file:
alphatest.blend (505 KB)


forgot to pack the tex…

(a mod´s going to dream of me tonight :))

alphatest2.blend (508 KB)

Tried to post this a while ago but it seamingly didn´t pass moderation…

Thanks for your answer but it isn´t a solution to my problem. At least if I understood correctly.

Here is a screen of the Plane rendered correctly with alpha channel:
Thats the state I want to fade out.

Playing with the settimgs you suggested gives me either
a completly black plane or

the alpha channel is rendered in solid black.

I don´t think the -blend will be of any help because there is nothing else in the scene.
I will provide it anyways in a new post due to the 3 files upload max.

Here´s the file


Well, I really wanted to respond to this answer. But unfortanatly my posts don’t seem to be aprooved by moderation. I’d apreciate to hear what I did wrong…

Was it the amount of screenshots?

Not aprooving posts is one thing but not giving feedback is a totaly different story.

There were no images in the file. Replaced the image with my own .png and works for me with the suggested settings.
Second screenshot, wrong material alpha (1), third screenshot wrong texture alpha (-1). Material alpha should be 0 because that will be controlled with a texture, and with texture alpha 0 it’s completely transparent.

No one here is required to answer anything. I first skipped the thread because there were no attachments. Screenshots only help you to explain things so always include an example .blend of the problem in the starting post so people can find out what you’re working with, troubleshoot the problem, and quickly produce visuals for their replies. Tutorial linked in my signature tells more.

ohhhhh… Thank you so much!
I just pushed the sliders far left or right. I was totally unaware of that negative values in the texture settings.

And yes, Iknow that no ones required to help me. That statement didn´t relate to the problem itself. I targeted the moderation with that.
Anyways, I already appologised for my earlier “firy” words in the “BA Forum Help” section. It wasn´t ment to come out that hard.
I really appreciate what all of you are doing here and I promis to not let my own impatience getting in the way the next time.
Btw.: I looked into the provided file and found what I did wrong. I´ll do my best to provide proper files next time.


p.s.: Would have marked this as solved but didn´t find an option. Or shall I edit the threadname?

Great, you got it fixed.

It starts to be proper when there is an example file made available. Can’t always include and usually don’t need all of the assets in the actual workfile. It could be a work related thing, licence doesn’t allow sharing, or the size gets too big. In those cases it’s enough if the circumstances and the problem can be replicated easily with the provided file, which does contain all the settings and can be shared.

Like in this, it’s fast and easy enough to swap one image and go from there. Sure it could have been a problem with the image/format itself but people would’ve been on that quickly, after tackling most of the other possibilities.

Prefix should be available when you edit the starting post