Setting the paths in the User Preference panel


I like the auto-save function of blender, really handy when computer crashes.
But do the auto-saves HAVE to be located in the same folder as the original file ?

I suffered a major hard disk fail in october. In these cases, it might well be really nice to be able to locate the auto saves in another folder, say on another hard drive…

What do you think ?

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for, but in user preferences under the file tab you can change the file path to your temporary directory and check auto save temps. Version 2.57b

Interesting… It is not quite the same, but I guess it can be of help. Still I’d like the above better !
Thanks CtrlAltDelete

It is actually what you are looking for in a way, just point to the other drive.

Also,during manual saves, use “save as” and select where you want to put the file, it does not have to be on your main drive.
What I have done was to create a folder called “projects” and save all of my stuff there. I don’t see why it can’t be anywhere that you would choose on your system. And then of course just a simple “save” would overwite that file where ever it is.

Yes, it is nice, but i don’t understand how this temporary files work.
I mean, in my temp folder it seems that the latest files are days old, are named with numbers, making them pretty hard to identify.
You mean you can have you files as files.blend1 and file.blend2 there ?

It really is all up to you. What I was saying is that you can redirect your temps files as well as your project files to anywhere you want them. If you save project files to a certain drive though, you will have to open them from that drive, so remember where you put them! But then when you do a save or auto save, your project file will be saved and remain where it first was saved unless you elected to change the location via “save as”

Yes that is clear…

I just wanted to have my main files at my usual location and automatic saves @another location (another disk basically) in case of a crash.
I guess using the tmp will be fine !

Thanks !