Setting the scale of Blenders universe

Well I am finally able to get around in Blender and do some actual work! The one major point that I’m not getting is defining the size of my Blender world. The project that I am working on is architectual in scope. A fairly large building complex, ~150’ x 150’ . I want to be able to draw it in scale and as I have architectual dimensioned drawings. I can’t seem to figure how to make a object a particular size, i.e. a wall 55’ x 18’ x 18". I have been using AC3D to make my objects as I can set one “unit” a an inch and dimension any object to size. I then have to scale it down by 150% for it to fit into Blenders world. It seems as if I should be able to do this all in Blender if I could get a handle on size, scale, and units.

I hope someone will give a newbie a couple pointers on these rudiments. I just downloaded the 2.42 version on my Windows machine

Thanks in advance


You set the scale. Blender operates in what are called ‘blender units’. One blender unit can equal any length of measurement (i.e. foot, meter, inch, cm, mm, league, etc.) You can then use the ‘n’ key to do very precise placements of vertices, to create whatever length you need.

There are a couple of python scripts around as well that can assist in helping to set blenders scale. Look around on blendernation and do a search here for things like calipers and rulers.


thanks for the response. i was actually wondering about the same question… :stuck_out_tongue:


Try this

and look on the main page of you should see the BMAE script software

Exercise with those and you should be able to play in English or metric