Setting to Receive Shadows

Is it possible to set up a ground plain so that it catches shadows but doesnt actually RENDER anything BUT the shadows?

I usually do this by rendering the scene with shadows and then without. In an external program such as the gimp or photoshop you can the get the difference of the two images ie. just the shadows. I don’t know how to do this in blender itself but others may know better. Maybe with the sequencer and some material settings?


I havent even LOOKED at the sequencer. With all the trouble I had with Materials Im almost afraid to.

Thanks though. I may brave Trial by Fire and check into this weekend.

PS: getting ready to dive into your newest tutorial.

Don’t bother with the sequencer… just select the plane and go to the materials… select the “mirror transp” pannel and select the “only shadow” button. That should do what you’re looking for.

This seemed to work well but there still is a very very faint visable line where my ground plane ends.
This is perhaps due to the spot light?

What settings in specific would you enable in the RayMir panal?

I don’t set anything in the RayMir pannel. Just select OnlyShadow. That’s it. If I do it like that, I don’t get any phantom lines. If you want, I can send you a simple .blend file.

The sequencer is one of the easiest parts of plender and there you are afraid to use it!

LMAO Jedi: Im afraid of easy things. Its a kind of masicism. LOL