Setting to stop choosing which to delete

One thing that interrupts my workflow, is every time I want to delete something, I am prompted to pick what.

Is there a setting, that I can turn on, so the mode I am in (face, edge vertex) will determine what is deleted automatically?

For example, I am hacking away faces to make my model lower-poly, SO I select 5 or 6, and then hit the delete key, then I have to hit enter again, or worse’ have to choose faces, then hit delete…

…any way to make, so when I am in face mode, I select faces, hit delete… and they just go?

i find on the windows version that it seems to work fine the selection i’m using is always under the mouse. I quess some days its nice to have one set but most days it changes fairly regularly, thats why the filosophy with blender is one hand on your mouse one hand on your keyboard.