setting up 2.57 interface like 2.49b

I was wondering how i could set up blender 2.57’s interface to be more like 2.49. I just recently learned how to use 2.49 then got out of it for a couple months and came back, and now it seems like no one is using 2.49 anymore…??

Don’t bother trying for the same layout in 2.57, the properties window (buttons) is designed for a vertical layout. It does not work properly horizontally. Just go with the default or you’re just punishing yourself needlessly.

If you’re still curious about how it would look, you could try opening B.blend from Blender 2.49…it’s very different from the 2.57 default, yet still kinda different from 2.49. There’s a lot of wasted space, since as R.M. said 2.5 is designed for a vertical layout.