Setting up a 3D lab for a high school. How to 3D print blender models? Best printer?

I’m setting up a media arts lab for use in a large high school. We have 50 students in three modeling and animation classes, we’re expected to grow. I need to make a budget plan a year ahead of time. We’re planning a common area makerspace with equipment surrounded by connected enclosed, computer labs, classrooms, sound studio, photo shooting studio, and CCTV studio. I have the film and sound side figured out but would love to hear ideas for the common area.

Which 3D printer would you suggest? I would like to get three.

How to export models for print- Does this vary based on the printer and its proprietary software?

Do you have ideas for additional equipment and accessories for 3D printing?

We run blender and Adobe CS6 on:
50-Macbook Retina 15" early 2013
25- iMac 2013

Do you have ideas for a game engine “station?” WOuld love to hear ideas about extra stuff to have around while students work on blender game engine!

We teach film and TV as well. We have a few Canon t5i, lights, green screens, a shooting studio, and a CCTV studio with audio engineering. I’d like ideas for equipment related to After Effects.

Thanks for the help!