Setting up a html class in wordpress

Hi , i am doing my web in wordpress.

in my css file i got this class :

.homebox {
width : 460px;
background-color : #adadad;
display : block;
float : left;
margin-bottom : 20px;

This homeboxs are the boxes that contain text in my learn page.

So i want them to have 2 sizes of text , one for the title and the other for the rest of the text.

I also want to have a 2 pixel border around the table.just like what you see in this page

Can you help me figure out what do i need to write inside my code in my css ( posted above) ?

:no: Seriously?

  1. You already have two sizes of text, neither of which should be defined in that specific chunk of css. (And one has it’s size set in the HTML tag attribute instead of css anyway)

  2. The border is not 2 pixels. It’s two separate 1 pixel borders of different colors.

  3. Tables are not used in either of the pages.

  4. You’ve already discovered firebug. Use it.

  5. For the umpteenth time: LEARN TO USE GOOGLE.

Thanx FishB8 !

I found firebug and it helped me a lot !

thanx !