Setting up a paypal account?

I know this isn’t a good practice but please excuse me this time. Can somebody please explain in brief which PayPal account type should I set up if I want to mostly sell stuff online and occasionally buy things too? I think premier account would be good but don’t know whats the differences between all 3.
what do you guys think?

Thank You :smiley:

no idea. i almost did but declined when i realized what i needed the account for wouldn’t have worked anyways.

The benefit of the premier account over the personal is the acceptance of debit/credit cards

umm… OK thank you. i had went to paged earlier but don’t know how I skipped this. Just one last thing are these account types just for usability purpose or they have anything to do with what fees i would have to pay. seems to be obvious but anyway ill still confirm.
why would a user go for a personal account rather than a businessman account? Is there any annual fees or something for PayPal?
I would really appreciate a comparison on what i have to give to the PayPal services when I receive payment.

Hope you got PAN number and a credit card with a “Master Card” symbol.

I don’t have credit card but my father owes a PAN card.

EDIT: darn! they seem to charge a 30$ monthly fee as well. i am sure i wouldn’t be able even half of it monthly.

I dont think i need any credit card service. My interest are just getting paid through a paypal to paypal transaction. I might also sell some models on turbosquid in future.

Im still confused :frowning:

With a premier accoun, it seems that you may become a lucky guy if the web hosts some special offers!

Well i tried to make up one but gaveup instead. Well you can do it, but i think it wont be nothing short of an headache. Who to blame ;Govt policy, RBI?

That’s 0.30 USD I see there, in the link richard provided.
And its not monthly. Its 0.30 USD or INR 13.6 per transaction.

LOL. That’s a relief.

Oh I am really sorry. That was for processing credit card on website:-

Now I clearly got a feel what wise people mean when they say “Incomplete knowledge is dangerous”.

hey one last question? would it be possible for me to transfer money to a bank account (which is not mine say my fathers account) if i dont have a bank account myself? (ok i can tolerate the fee they would charge)