Setting up a presentation of an ArchViz Project

Hi Folks:
This one is a bit of a ways out, but I want to make sure I dont miss any steps.

I am doing a volunteer / community project of an apartment in a newly renovated historic grain mill here in Medina, Ohio – its a really neat project that they are doing, I wan to do this as a contribution to the project, but also hoping to parlay this into some freelance work (like all the rest of the apartments etc)

Anyway, for one of the sequences, I want to have interior shots of the different rooms / angles of the apartment, start out with them with no colors or textures, or furnishings, and then morph into the fully furnished, textured etc. I once saw a transition where things filled in as if someone was coloring across the page with a pencil.

I would like to hear your suggestions on what I need to do and how I should go about it – I do save step files, and I’ll for sure save one with cameras in place when i get the modeling done before I start putting in textures etc.

Love to hear your suggestions