Setting up a scene to render a sprite from different angels?

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I need to render a sprite from a number of different angels. It is a sprite for a 2d isometric shooter, but has anyone an idea how to setup the scene? (primarily camera placement - it has to be rather precise)

I was thinking of using a number of cameras but I can’t firgure if this is a bad idea? Maybe it would be easiere to rotate the model and the render the walkcycle?

Thank you in advance

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Here is a good tut for how to setup a number of different cameras for rendering…

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Thank you :smiley:
I’m going to try that!

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how about this:#

Place an empty, where you want the camera to look at your model.
now place the camera.

parent the camera to the empty

if you rotate the empty, you will move the camera without changing the distance.

if you animate the empty, you could make a setup, where the camera stays put for the time of a walk cycle. you could then animate the whole thing at once.

another trick is to use a constraint for the camera and let it point on the empty.


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Rendering Sprite for 2D game?

I think there was a good tutorial on Blendermania (actually down)… So if someone has a copy of it?

But then I remember some parts of it:

isometric position of the camera:
reduction factor in a game is typically height/wide = 1/2 (as in diablo game)

blender application:

  • one camera is sufficient (edit button / ortho is set on)
  • one mesh circle, radius is the distance between camera and character (or scene), center is the character (or scene)
  • the circle is the parent of the camera
    you may rotate your camera by rotating the circle at typical angles (-45, 0, 45, etc.)

some important details:
you may create a world with the transparency background color (usually magenta) and press OSA and KEY in the render buttons

Here is one link to a blend file i created…

Isometric Environnement

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I really don´t know, if the lord can spare them to do this for you :-?