Setting up a scene


I’m working on a scene from a story that I’ve been writing. To start out I’m making the grass and foliage, followed by the trees, and then the characters. I set up the ground plane and two planes of grass. One is the taller grass from Jason’s CG gallery, and the other plane is supposed to be the underbrush. The problem is I think I need work on my material for the underbrush. I have an upload of my full (widescreen) image with only the grass and the ground. I was hoping someone could check out the grass and let me know of any ideas to smooth out the underbrush. You’ll notice a gap in the grass with a light source. There will be a campfire there once I finish up this grass.


Hi Anthony, looks promising. Think you need to give more content though. You will be putting in a campfire = light source close to the ground and long shadows. Fire will also affect the colour temperature. At the moment the ground appears to look a bit like a water-colour. Also, forgive me for saying so, I’m short sighted so the focus disturbs me = everything in the distance is sharper than in the foreground. Wish it was like that in my real world :slight_smile:

The focus is giving me trouble, because the material I’m using is just a blend texture effecting the alpha levels. Should I use an image texture instead so the close-ups look stronger? I was thinking of using a darker brown cloud texture along with the base green for the ground, and then using displacement mapping to give it a sort of 3D dirt look.

Thank you for the suggestions, please keep them coming:)