Setting up a simple plane

Hello, I am completely new to Blender, so new that even things that seem like they would extremely simple are tedious and difficult for me. I was attempting to follow this tutorial:


but there were a couple of snags that really bothered me. The one that is bothering me right now is that when I create a plane mesh, it’s always facing up. So if I am looking at it from the front perspective, <Numpad 1> I just see a line. Looking it from an overhead perspective I can see the square.

I want for it to automatically have the plane facing my view when I create it. I know there is probably a simple solution for this, any help would be appreciated. Small things like this really bug me.

Blender 2.49b - Go to the User Preferences window. In the Edit Methods settings select Aligned to View
Blender 2.53beta - Go to File / User Preferences / Editing / from the Align To drop down list change from World to View

Hello,I’m also new to blender.i have align set to view under user pref and still when i add a plane mesh in front or side views it faces up.I’m using 2.54 if anyone has an idea of what i’m doing wrong.

ok it looks like it wont automatically align to view what you have to do is look in the Toolbox menu…press T and at the bottom it should say “Add Plane” under that is a tick box when you click it the plane will then align to whichever view your in.

Works a charm.thanks.Cant believe i missed that in the tool box.