Setting up an NPC/Getting the Path Vector from Steering

I’m currently in the early stages of setting up an enemy AI system for a game template. I’m using the character physics type for its setup, and (since I’m not too adept at programming, nor a masochist) am handling pathfinding using the steering actuator.

However, I’ve run into a snag with the actuator, as I want the NPC to be able to face in the direction that it’s following the path, but only rotate on the Z axis. The steering actuator’s ‘facing’ option results in changes of pitch and even roll when ascending and descending slopes. Attempting to lock the character’s XY orientation via actuator results in a lack of any facing, and alignAxisToVect results in no effect (though I will point out that I believe I’m inadvertently using the local, rather than global, Z axis).

So, what I’m wondering is, is it possible to get, from the steering actuator, the next point in the NPC’s planned path? Or at least get the current vector that the object is moving in? Or is there perhaps another solution still using the facing option?

Any responses and tips are appreciated.

You do not need your character to do the steering.

You can let an empty steer. Let the character follow it via trackTo + motion. Just make sure the empty is not running away (means at a certain distance, stop steering and continue after the character comes near).

just an idea.

Sorry for the delayed response.

That’s… actually pretty clever. And in spite of my concerns, seems to work pretty well. Thanks.