Setting up Beast?

I did everything the way it should but it’s not showing up in my Python scripts… menu thingy.

Beast needs 2 scripts, and I’m not sure if it’s even possible to have them both register in the !BPY code and see each other. So load them into the Text Window and Alt P on

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Great, how?



Um, what?

Is it as confusing as your “Great, how?” LOL


Okay, I’m asking how to load it up.

Open a Text window (called “Text Editor” in the windows menu on the header), go to the little menu button and choose Open and navigate to the .py or .txt file.

If you havn’t saved them out yet and they’re still in the Beast.blend then hit Shft-F1 (append) and navigate to Beast.blend >> Text >> and Shft-RMB the .py files to highlight them in blue then hit “Load Library”.

Use the Text Window menu to find Beast) and Alt-P with your mouse cursor over it.


Hmm, thanks. I get an error when loading it. Anyway I can copy text out of the console?

Traceback &lt;most recent call last&gt;:
  File ", line 1034, in GUI
    densvar = Number&lt;"Density: ", -1, 110, curpos, 90, 20, densvar.val, 1, 100,
 "Set Objects Per Face&gt;
AttributeError: button event argument must be in the range [0, 16382]
Memoryblock free: pointer not in memlist

That’s the error, if it helps.

Read this:

It sounds like you have way to many cards (set objects per face) for your graphics card to handle. That’s just a guess though.

It would also help to know what part of the script (the hair/fur card part or the buildings/models ‘general’ part) you’re using.

Just start simple with 100 or so faces with 1 or 2 cards per face. If that don’t work I can put a file together that works on my box for you to test.


No, it can’t be that. This error occurs when I try to ALT P the script. Then it flashes the GUI for a second and goes back to text editor.

Unless I’m somehow doing something wrong.

If it’s any consolation I get the exact same problem! All I’m trying to do is load the script against the default scene in Blender… the console says the same thing about “button event argument…” I have no idea what this means??? %|

Before I upgraded my PC I was able to use the beast but now I can’t! :frowning:

It’s a shame 'cuz it looks like you can get some nice results.

If I find something out, which is unlikely unless I do it by accident, I’ll let you know!

This might be a bit obvious, but thought I’d post it anyway. Using Blender 2.37 and tried new [stable] Phyton 24 = don’t work. Blender works fine with Phyton 23, if Phytonpath variable is set correctly. Hope that helps, if not, have a nice day all the same…

I’ve tried installing Python20, 22 and 23 and have set and rebooted with the following Phython paths…




I’ve tried doing the fix from within Blender “c/python22/lib” etc and CTRL-U… and every time this error occurs… I’m stuck!

Try that version.

i had the same problem the other day in 2.37a
try using 2.36 and it should work just fine.

The old beast works! Thanks!

It works with 2.36! Thanks!

Thanks all round then! :smiley: