Setting up Blender on Windows

I’ve been using blender for quite some time now, but I’ve never managed to get the directories set up correctly.
I have python installed, but I cannot get blender to use it.
When I chose the directory for it, I cannot run scripts and the directory is reset on the next run of blender.
Also blender doesn’t seem to accept my windows fonts.
What font types does blender use?

Umm… not sure if I’m answering all your questions.

How to set your python path

I’m using windows also. You should have no problem with your windows fonts. Try installing it again.

Jason Lin

Set your filepaths in an empty .blend and Ctrl-U to save the settings in the default .blend.
Put both Blender and Python in C:\Program Files\


@Fligh %: I didn’t try that yet, thanks for the tip.
@goldentaiji: I recently installed windows. I thought that blender isn’t able to read truetype fonts. I’ve also downloaded the newest blender, I hope it works with it. Maybe the old version didn’t support the fonts.

I’m using the latest version of blender for windows, and have no problem with Truetype fonts. I do remember a time when it didn’t, so its probably the old version of blender you are using.

Yep, it was the old version.
It works on 2.33a now.