Setting up camera like wings 3D?

So im comming off wngs 3d and seeking to learn something that is a tad bit more shall we say industry relevant. Ive been using wings 3d for around 6 years so this could be a challenge, is there any way to set up the camera in blender to be like wings? I had alt + lmb set to rotate the camera and alt + rmb to pan the camera? Is there a way to do this by some chance?

And what was the Zoom set to?

Yes, you can manually remap anything in Blender.
One thing to keep in mind is that, in Blender, you will get no prompts/warnings for duplicate key entries!

Here’s a quick walk-through of how you’d go about setting it up.

  • Open Blender User Preferences | CTRL+ALT+U | or File > User Preferences
  • Input Tab
  • You’ll find the navigation in: 3D View > 3D View (Global)

Here is an example for Maya ALT-Navigation:

The problem is anything you change - you have to double check if there is a conflicting key and resolve it if so.

  • Use the Search Query and Filter Type for that

  • This is an example of filtering out MMB using KeyBiding as FilterType and “middle” as query.

Blender’s hotkeys are not Global, they are Window-Specific. The mouse position (or the window it’s hovering above) determines the hotkey that will be triggered. This means if you change a hotkey for the Navigation for instance, you only have to look for conflicts in 3D View section. Also changing the navigation in 3D View, will not change the navigation in any of the multiple 2D editors.

If you’re looking for Maya Alt-Navigation, there’s 3 options out there.

  • On boot of Blender there is a drop-down for “Interaction”, there you can choose “Maya”. Although I strongly advise against this, because it changes more than just the navigation, and you won’t be able to follow tutorials or dig through help files as this keymap is not documented. On top of that it could almost be considered broken.

  • rSelection by PLyczkowski. I believe it has Maya Alt-Navigation integrated.

  • And my Custom Blender Setup. It’s LMB-Centric, has Maya Alt-Navigation, Keeps a bunch of Blender defaults intact, and is fairly well documented in that thread.

Whatever you choose, you can use all of these to canibalize them and make your own setup in time. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Cool much better! But im having some difficulty finding the basics eg how do i switch to face selection mode? I found the scale tool pretty easily but how can i scale on just one axis? Blender must have widgets???

The big question is, what setup are you using?
Default, rSelection, or my setup?