setting up camera tracking scene SG3 footage

Hello I have some footage that i want to track and create a tracking scene for that was taken with my Samsung Galaxy 3 camera phone. I have done some research and am using focal length : sensor width = 4mm : 6mm

Here is the scene if anybody wants to try with other values:


If for some reason your value for focal length doesn’t work well, you could try the Blam add-on. There are plenty of lines to use.

Steve S

Yeah I just did a BLAM analysis on my sg3 footage but I don’t recall what size popped out. Make sure you get the new version and use the rectangle mode.

Thanks guys. I am using the addon. how do I get camera data after I calibrate the active camera. This just moves the camera. The data is the same.

In the 3D view, select the camera and look in the camera properties panel. It will have the adjusted focal length. This assumes a 35mm format. So you can just use those values in the tracker.

Steve S

If i were you i would record a new clip, because this one is very bad for tracking. You are just standing in one place and turning around so the perspective shift is very liitle and it’s probably (didn’t try, just watched it) impossible to calculate depth information. I would suggest to read and watch guides from Syntheyes website (they apply to every tracking software):