Setting up hand rig...bones pokes through mesh

I’m using this tutorial to set up a hand rig:

I’m using this low Poly hand I download it here

to make the armature I just clicked add then armature then single bone and extruded it up with the E key until I got a full hand bone and then just use G to move it to match up with my hand mesh and when I use the tutorial to set up the hand rig and attempted to move the joints like he said the bones poke through the skin. Can you help me with that. Thank you in advance for any help!

Here is my blender file if you need it
here is what the bone looks like like when it posts through the mesh

They’re not sticking closely to the bones because the weights aren’t good.

Why aren’t the weights good? Because you have unapplied scale that inverts the normals of the hands.

Select both the hand and the armature and apply all transforms (ctrl-a → apply all transforms in object mode.) Then recalculate normals for the hand (in edit, select all then ctrl-n.) Now parent the hand to the armature with automatic weights and I think you’ll have something much closer to what you’re after.

Oh thank you so much I’ll try that tomorrow 1st thing take care have a good night😀