Setting up interface problem

So, I am very new to Blender and I am trying to set up an interface that I am comfortable with. Is there any way to get rid of these? (see picture)

Join two adjacent frames

File / Load Factory Settings load default layout. Then re open your blend file ensuring you disable the LoadUI option so it does not load the user interface of your blend file. Then set the layour as you want and save.

I tried joining frames but with no luck, I am unable to get what I want. The problem I am getting with 4 view ports is that they split menus and stuff around, the thing I want is to still have a menu that works for all view ports without being splitted. How do I combine these? (See picture)

Maybe you would like the feature in the 3d view (press N for the properties tool shelf) you can have “toggle quad view” in the display panel? The menus and toolshelf are combined for all these ‘windows’

Thank you very much! Is there any way to chose which viewport is the top, right, front, camera and to make a viewport bigger than the others? Thanks in advance.

Nope. For that you will have to go to four separate views and adjust their size and orientation. The advantage to the quad view is that it’s fixed and you can switch in and out and know exactly which is which.