Setting up Loki Render Farm

Hello Blender fans,

I’m trying to setup Loki Render because I really liked the idea of tiled renders over a cluster.
However Loki Render doesn’t connect to devices on my LAN with firewalls completely disabled.
Am I missing something or did this project die a long time ago… and is it hopeless to find software to do tile rendering with blender over a cluster?:eek:

Help much appreciated.:smiley:


Hmmm… I am not really familiar with Loki Render. Have you seen this already?

I’ve seen the video yes, but it doesn’t answer my question. However I can only get the grunt to connect to the master if I launch a grunt instance on the machine i run the master on with firewall completely disabled on all computers. Is anyone else able to confirm loki render isn’t able to connect via 2 different computers or more at this time. I’m using windows 7 64 bit and the latest java update.

Hello guys,

I’ve figured out the issue it was that Loki Render doesn’t accept the use of multiple adapters so disabled all except one and it works now. :wink: