Setting up Material libraries


A little introduction of myself; I’m working at a architectural company. Besides AutoCAD, I work with 3dMax and Lightwave. Now for a year I’m exploring the Blender capabilities and I really like it, not at least the open source concept!
I would like to use Blender to render exteriors and interiors of buildings. In Lightwave I’ve made a large library of materials, like bricks, wood, grass and more. These are all scaled and adjusted so I can call them in and use it without much tinkering with the parameters.

How can I achieve this in Blender? Do I have to save the readymade materials in a blender file? Is there a simple way to accomplish this?
I’ve searched all kind of sites, (like ) but there are only single files.

Another issue, but related: blender units. I work with the metric system, so one blender unit is one meter, but abroad a blender unit could be a inch, feet, millimeter, … is there a way to store/ retrieve info in the blender file about this?

Thanks a lot, :smiley:

You can store the materials on a blender file, and append the material to another open blender project.

We are supposed to ahve a built in mat librairie soon

but have to wait till it’s ready !

and yes 1 BU = 1 meter

but you can also work with inches and yard

hope it helps

Ok, thanks both for the respons!

So there are plans for a library…
I guess that everybody is doing this in his own way? I suppose that after a while, you have al kind of textures made, that you want to use again.
(just curious how others solve this issue )