Setting up my Wacom with Blender

Hi guys!

I tried to use my Wacom for weight-painting an armature, but there is no way to activate pressure sensitivity. Vertex group is either red or blue. Aren’t there supposed to be little “P”-buttons next to all the parameter slides? The pen works fine, of course, but there is no functionality.

I’m using an Intuos4 in WinXP32 Maybe someone can help me :slight_smile:

I don’t believe there ARE pressure sensitivity options for weight painting. There is no sensitivity curve or anything that leads me to believe there is…perhaps this should become a feature?

Really?? That was one of the main reasons why I bought a Wacom LOL But where can I use it then? I can’t see any “P”-buttons at all, not for texture painting, vertex painting or sculpting! So something must be wrong!

They’re there for texture painting, but sculpting doesn’t have any, pressure sensitivity is automatically enabled. I actually wasn’t aware of the P-buttons until now.

Ah, OK! That clarifies a lot! OK, I’ll post that on the dev board then :slight_smile:
Thanks, Tatsuyame!

Hey, got your PM and would love to help.

I’m on OSX though, and can confirm that it works with nothing special done here. For sculpting it’s true that it’s “always on”. There are no P-buttons in that interface, but there are in texture paint.

Thank you :slight_smile: I would really like to have pressure sensitivity for Weight paint, but in a way it’s not that necessary except in a high res mesh where weight painting is a slow nightmare anyway.

Btw.: I have an Intuos 4. I realized that in texture painting it often glitches - suddenly it bleeds and you have a huge, wet spot of paint on your model. Did anyone else experience that??