Setting up my world.

Hi, I’m a novice blender user and I had a few questions that I couldn’t find answered anywhere else. I’m using Blender 2.53 now but have used 2.49b as well.

I wanted to make sure my world scale was right so I set up some soft body and cloth simulations to see how fast things fall, I heard that 1 blender unit = 1m so things should fall at 9.8m/s2. Indeed in the Scene properties I see that gravity is set to -9.81 on the Z axis. But setting up a simulation with softbodies (or cloth, I tried both) and setting air resistance and friction to 0, things after 1 second (on frame 26) things only fall about 3.8 blender units (should be 4.9). By experimenting I notice that:

  1. It reaches 4.9 blender units after 30 frames (though by default blender is set to 25 frames per second).

  2. changing the frames per second in the render properties menu has no effect at all on the speed at which things fall (as measured in frames). Or in other words, by changing the frames per second of my render, the physics of my world changes.

So I guess my question here is; what am I missing? does this not seem odd to anyone else?

My second point is about the viewports; if I press one on my number-pad my viewport is labelled “front ortho” and indeed I’m looking at the front side of my model. If I press 7 on my number-pad the viewport is labelled “top ortho” and indeed I am looking at the top of my model. If I press 3 on my number-pad the viewport is labelled “Right ortho” but in fact I’m looking at the left side of my model. I’ve learned to just ignore the viewport labels, but I’m just impressed that no-one else finds this weird. does anyone else find this weird?


Your second question is just as weird as the fact that some people want the Y axis to be the up/down directions, instead of the usual Z axis. In my opinion, you make a good point here and this should be changed to “Left ortho”.