Setting up programming for mods and patches?

Hi all,
Are there any methods of programming or setup that would allow for easy additions, like new characters, maps or powerups? After the game is already published, I mean. Any thoughts on this subject at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance…

This depends (as usual) on your game organization.
If you have everything in one file, you will be forced to replace the file on changes.

If you use multiple files, you could replace this files.

You could even add other blend files, if you check the file system for them. Have a look at YoFrankie, they scan the directory for new Level blends.

I hope it helps

So your saying put models in one file, maps in another file and so on?

If you want it “mod”-able yes, that is the way to do it.

So you would just replace the file with the changes in it and keep the remaining files as they are.
Beside this it makes your game much more organized.

Search for linked groups… it is also a technique from YoFrankie