setting up states problem

I am trying out states which i never did I am using the change camera tutorial
very simple to follow but i am doing something wrong and after trying about 7 times i figured i should ask here. I have 2 cameras i select one camera add a key sensor then an AND controller with the first state mask group selected, finally i add 2 actuators the first is a scene actuator (set camera) then a state actuator with the SECOND mask selected. So far so good
but when i click the second state mask in the AND controller The actuators of the first state remain, In other words nothing happens I know the answer is probably right in front of me i can make a quick blend if needed


Above your sensors and actuators, press the “State” button. If this is pressed, only the sensors connected to controllers active in the current state are shown. Otherwise, only the controllers will change with the state. This way, for example, you could have a single keyboard sensor connect to different actuators depending on the state without having to create duplicates of the same sensor.