Setting UV values larger than 1 for texture wrap-around


I have been studying Blender for a few days in order to create MD2 models for a game. MD2 models are simple animated models where each vertex has a position, a normal and a (single) UV pair.

Briefly, my problem is that I can’t seem to set the UV coordinates of my MD2 model so that that the texture repeats itself, wrapping around. Please have a look at the attached image to understand the problem. The bricks are clearly too big for the wall; the texture should be repeated across the wall, thus making the bricks smaller. But this would mean setting U and V values larger than 1, and I can’t see how.

Some background: I have a simple castle interior with some pillar objects, some floors objects, a few wall objects, and so on. I have a single jpg file containing a texture (wall_seamless.jpg, see attachment) which I’d like to apply to all the floors and walls (which have different sizes).

For example, a square wall would have vertices with UV coordinates ranging from (0,0) to (5,5) (i.e. the texture would be repeated five times horizontally and vertically), whereas a wide wall would have UV coordinates ranging from (0,0) to (100, 5). (the texture would be repeated 100 times being the wall wider).

However, as I said, in the UV/image panel I can’t seem to set UV values larger than 1 (again see attached image: the rightmost pixel of the picture corresponds to U = 1).

Note: I have noticed the “Map input” panel, where you can set sizeX, sizeY and sizeZ. But it seems this kind of texturing only affects the rendered image, but does not affect UV coordinates of the model I export… as I said, I need to export a MD2 model with UV larger than 1.

I guess I need some help now. I am quite stuck :o

Thanks a lot for any help.


Just be sure you select all faces you want the pic to be mapped to then scale your unwrapped UV’s bigger than the pic (hit F in the file above to see).

I have noticed the “Map input” panel…

If you use a Material Texture then those buttons will all be available to you; so you add a Material (F5), add a Texture (F6) type Image and select the same image you UVMapped. Then in the MapInput tab (F5) change the mapping from ORCO to UV.


How silly of me not to try that! :smiley: I assumed there had to be some way to have the background pic repeat itself, in the UV/image editor. Then I would have scaled the unwrapped shape bigger to cover many times the jpg length. I just assumed it was not allowed to map the shape outside the background picture.

Thank you very much!! :slight_smile: