Setting vertex colors in edit mode.

Is there a way to set vertex colors in edit mode? If not, there should be.
Edit mode has many ways to select vertices, like selecting faces, edge loops, whole “Select” menu of useful functions.
Vertex paint offers only brush. Which sucks if I need to paint different colors two sides of split edge.

You can select faces or vertex in edit mode and use it in vertex paint.

Correct, selections made in edit mode will carry over to vertex paint mode.

Bonus, Blender buildbot builds of 2.7x has enhancements to vertex painting that, for one thing, allows you to give every selected vertex a certain color (not just faces).

Ah, there is this tiny button on header bar. Works only with faces, but it will help me a lot. Thank you!

Good to know. Thank you.

In this video a guy is setting a vertex color for each face. I didn’t know that was possible at all. How can I do that ( do I need 2.79a for it )?

just two posts above you to find out

@anyone else
they’re talking about @4minutes in the video -______-