Setting vertex colors in edit mode.

Is there a way to set vertex colors in edit mode? If not, there should be.
Edit mode has many ways to select vertices, like selecting faces, edge loops, whole “Select” menu of useful functions.
Vertex paint offers only brush. Which sucks if I need to paint different colors two sides of split edge.

You can select faces or vertex in edit mode and use it in vertex paint.

Correct, selections made in edit mode will carry over to vertex paint mode.

Bonus, Blender buildbot builds of 2.7x has enhancements to vertex painting that, for one thing, allows you to give every selected vertex a certain color (not just faces).

Ah, there is this tiny button on header bar. Works only with faces, but it will help me a lot. Thank you!

Good to know. Thank you.

In this video a guy is setting a vertex color for each face. I didn’t know that was possible at all. How can I do that ( do I need 2.79a for it )?

just two posts above you to find out

@anyone else
they’re talking about @4minutes in the video -______-

Is this still possible in 2.92? Ive tried every way I can, but I can not set the colors of vertices selected in edit mode to the color I want in vertex [paint mode.

I can color the whole vertex color layer, and the manual says in grease pencil mode there is something that will change selected vertex colors, but I cant figure out how to get grease pencil to start (Blender’s manual tends to explain what things do, but seems to often forget to mention how to open them/access them in the intro).

Kinda… but you strart with Vertex Groups… There is this option in vertex-paint mode:

… it will color the object from black to white based on the weights of the currently selected Vertex Group. That may sound useless at first but remember that you can have lots of Vertex Color “layers”, which you can access from the shader editor with this node:

If you go this route, you need to understand that how you use the vertex colors become a lot more involved and is dependent on your material: For the material of the object you’re coloring you’ll need to feed the Black&White Vertex Color “layers” through the Node network in which you will combine all your “layers” and color them however you want.

As a negative, this is not very beginner friendly and requires a understanding of material nodes to get right, but as a positive is incredibly flexible and powerful if used right.

Add a grease-pencil object to your scene to “start” it. Unrelated and not to be confused with Mesh vertex colors (unless you convert it). Will confuse this question so ignore grease-pencil for this answer.

Good luck.

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For future travelers, hat tip to @Herbert123:

In vertex paint, lower left, click on the little box that tooltips “vertex Selection”

Then you can see all the vertices, nice and bright. Shift-K will apply the color to the selected vertices.