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This is my second post. Yes, still a newbie trying to figure this tool out. Apologize front.
I have some questions I was hoping I can get some answers to. First, generally speaking, I have found that the tool settings, options and behavior seems to be very different between models. I have a model I’ve been working on for which things just don’t seem to work as I would expect…so I go back to new model and test out what I’m trying to do on a simple cube and it works fine. So here are some other examples:

So on new model of a cube I’m easily able to add materials and textures, all different, on each side of a cube.
I go back to apply the same process on my working model and I cannot. When I add a new material, the options are different (e.g. lighting options), While in edit/face select mode, the selected material is applied to the entire object and not just the face. I cannot get any texture to be applied to a face at all. For textures, the mapping options are also different. In cube test, I can map the the texture to face itself. The UV editor works fine. In my working model, when I pull up a texture in the UV editor, the cropping fence does not show up to allow me to outline the UVMap. The texture properties don’t even have an option for applying a UVmap. The same texture applied to the cube allows the UVMap to be applied and the UVeditor does exactly what I’d expect.

I’m hoping this is a settings issue but really cannot tell. As another test, I’ve added a simple cube to my “working” model and tried the exact same things I did with the cube alone…and odd behavior still exists. This leads me to believe it’s something with the “working” model itself

Pointers? Thoughts? Again, apologize for the lengthy explanation.


objects can have many material assign to different faces

then each material can have many textures
for faces of one material you can create a UV map or a procedural texture or mix.

so one object can have more then one UV map !

you show some pics to better explain where the problems are!

happy cl

I found the difference. It was the difference in the rendering engine selected…obvious once you find it…embarrassed to say how much time I spent trying to find this.